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New area in the Hampden North Stand.

Allan & Jimmy Brown, who are both members of the Scotland Supporters Club & the Hearts DSA, gave us some positive feedback on the new wheelchair platforms. Jimmy told us “I took Allan to the Scotland v Northern Ireland game & was really impressed with the new area in the north stand.I must say its a huge improvement compared to the other areas at Hampden I’ve been to before and this must be one of the best in Scottish football as regards to disabled facilities”

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With support from the SDSA, Break Away have arranged for groups to go along and watch Heart of Midlothian & Hibernian and this proved to be a great success. The SDSA are now working with their co-ordinators Grant Allan & Rory Wilson to make trips to football games in Scotland trouble free and easy widening the selection to include Celtic, Rangers and Scotland. They have had groups at Heart of Midlothian & Hibernian and this proved to be a great success. We are now looking to extend this pilot to other clubs in Scotland and recently held a planning meeting in Edinburgh (as pictured below) where games were selected.

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As part of the Soccer Sight Scotland project the SDSA actively promote increased usage of audio commentary in any part of a football stadium. The picture shows George Fitzsimmons (at the front) who is partially sighted along with his friend in the same seats they have had for many years supporting Heart of Midlothian. They didn’t want to move even though George was finding it more difficult to see the match. The area used by the Rex Blind Parties only had 7 seats yet there were 9 receivers. Now we are getting people to realise today’s equipment is far more flexible than they think. So George used an extra receiver and found the audio commentary a great help when watching the match.That’s George sorted out, now Hearts DSA need to find somebody else who could use number 9.