Monthly Archives: January 2016

Message from the Dundee United F.C. Disabled Supporters Club

It is accepted that the small shelter at the corner where the West and Fair Play (lower) Stands meet is not ideal for wheelchair users. However please note that for cat. A games visiting wheelchair users are accommodated in the West Stand. In addition Dundee United F.C. Disabled Supporters Club invite away wheelchair supporters dundeeunited_phototo join home wheelchair fans in the West Stand for cat. B games. This was tried for the first time at the recent Partick Thistle game and worked well.


Just to clarify the next meeting will be held at Dundee United F.C. on Thursday 28th January starting at 7.00pm.The flash on our home page in the blue box is a new addition and will always highlight next three dates and venues.

The Dundee United DSA has been successfully resurrected in 2015 and has been re-branded as the Dundee United FC Disabled Supporters Club (DUFCDSC).Part of the process of getting this group going again was the SDSA’s suggestion in late 2015 for Dundee United F.C. to host the January SDSA meeting.

It would be really great if the attendance at this meeting both in person and via Skype was as good as at Partick Thistle in November to show support for the resurrected group at Tannadice.