Monthly Archives: April 2016


As well as gaining promotion from League One to the Championship as league winners, Dunfermline Athletic fans have been working hard behind the scenes to improved accessible facilities at East End Park. There is some way to go to meet their goals however an important step in the right direction is the Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters Club come out of hibernation and getting going again! The picture is from the last group meeting and a very pleasing aspect on the night was to see Peter Lockhart back in the role of chairperson. Peter is pictured at the back at the top end of the table.He was one of the people who helped establish the SDSA and it’s good to see him back after a lengthy illness.

Amputee Football Coming To Scotland

You may have seen on the media efforts being made by various groups working as a team to bring this sport to Scotland ( if not click on

The S.D.S.A has been asked to help support setting up a team or more if possible based in Scotland. This will be discussed at our next meeting however meantime anybody interested is welcome to come along to the next training session to give it a try on Sunday 10th April at 2pm at the Firhill Complex in Glasgow.