Accessible Facility “League”

On club pages you will find what the current members of the Scottish Disabled Supporters Association opinions are with regard to accessible facilities. Key access issues are covered however this is very much a broad brush approach to provide an overall view of how things are today.

8 different areas are marked red, amber or green for both home and away fans. Points are awarded thus green with no comment (3), green with comment (2), amber (1) and red (0).We may add other areas as we progress as an organisation.Clubs level on points are separated by the number of Green 3 point areas awarded.

Markings and comments are continually reviewed to ensure any improvements are recognised. There is no league winner, the goal is to have the total points keep going up and ultimately each club have 48 points.

If disagree with any of the markings please contact the Scottish Disabled Supporters Association who welcome all comments positive or negative!

Below is the current “league table”.

Note clubs with 0 points have still to be scored.

Accessible Facilities league table

Club Points Percentage