Rangers F.C.


In the early sixties a group of fans got together and formed the Rangers Disabled Supporters Club.The main objective was to gain access to away grounds. The club continued in its original form until Rangers redeveloped the stadium, at which point Rangers F.C. approached the RDSA with a view to forming a new organisation recognised officially by the club. As a result Club was re-launched in 1980 and at that time there was 42 members however the number of wheelchair spaces at Ibrox was limited to 26 wheelchairs.

This situation continued until the West Enclosure was redeveloped and there are now 65 wheelchair spaces and the membership grew to about the same number. After the recent financial problems at the club the group has risen up again and is now aiming to be a pan-disability group.

If you are interested in joining or find out more information please contact Peter Dunbar Secretary (on 07588633076 or lanarkshirepeter@gmail.com) or Billy Paterson Chairperson on 07952685773 or porthendry@aol.com


Accessible Tickets For Away Fans

Away facility: GOVAN STAND - North West Corner (except v Celtic) / Celtic only Broomloan Stand

Category: PRICES FOR ALL SPFL FIXTURES (subject to review by the club)

Ticket type Price
Wheelchair User (Adult) & PA Complimentary
Wheelchair User (Concession) & PA Complimentary
Wheelchair User (Adult) without PA Complimentary
Wheelchair User (Concession) without PA Complimentary
Ambulant Disabled (Adult) & PA Full Price
Ambulant Disabled (Concession) & PA Full Price
Ambulant Disabled (Adult) without PA Full Price
Ambulant Disabled (Concession) without PA Full Price

How To Apply For Tickets & Accessible Car Parking Information

The away club will be sent all available wheelchair disabled and personal assistance tickets for all games at Ibrox Stadium. Please contact your own club in the first instance regarding ticket availability.

Comments – Ambulant Disabled,with or without a Personal Assistant pay the full price applicable to the fixture they are going to.

Accessible Facilities Assessment

Category Assessment Score
Accessible Car Parking For Home Fans Restricted number space and difficult to cross over to stadium 1
Easy Ticket Collection For Home Fans 2
Easy Access For Home Fans 3
Sightlines For Home Fans Most wheelchair spaces are pitch side and passing traffic blocks view 1
Comfort In Home Stands Area is open to the elements roof ends exactly above the wheelchair spaces which mean water can drip down 1
Accessible Catering For Home Fans There is a dropped counter however access problems arise if big crowd 2
Accessible Toilets For Home Fans 2
Audio Commentary For Home Fans 3
Accessible Car Parking For Away Fans In place however currently found to be confusing 1
Easy Ticket Collection For Away Fans 3
Easy Access For Away Fans 3
Sightlines For Away Fans Sightlines affected by people walking past 2
Comfort In Away Stand 3
Accessible Catering For Away Fans Needs to be checked by SDSA 1
Accessible Toilets For Away Fans 3
Audio Commentary For Away Fans Not in place 0
Points Total31


The Centre for Access to Football in Europe may provide more detailed information on accessible facilities at Ibrox  Stadium. Click on http://www.cafefootball.eu/en/clubs/rangers for a summary and where you see Useful Publications and Policies click on here to view the detailed CAFE stadia report.However please note the S.D.S.A. is not responsible for the accuracy of the data.

Email CAFE direct to advise them of any changes with regard to the following sections:-Stadium Information ,Club / Stadium Contact for Disabled Supporters, Disabled Supporters Group  & Access Information for Disabled Supporters (Getting there and Parking, Getting a Ticket, Spectator Viewing areas, Amenities & Services)

Contact the S.D.S.A. if you wish for any reason to change the detailed CAFE stadia report .