Thanks to Yoola we are in the Grand Tonic Hotel which is fully accessible. The size of the bedroom for moving a wheelchair around is perfect and the accessible bathroom is state of the art. Great view from the window onto one of the fan zones which is currently mobbed (noon) with Albanian fans.It was a pleasure to mix with the French and Albanians supporters during the day. There was no animosity or trouble just good humoured singing and banter. Buses and the metro are not accessible in Marseilles but the trams are but they don’t run near the stadium so a taxi it was! From the drop off point at the stadium the walk we had to make was ridiculous to our entrance point. Getting into the stadium was easy and the stewards were helpful. Same old story at the viewing area, poor sightlines when people stood, barrier in the way and no adjacent PA seats (apart from Allan’s which Keith  grabbed right away). The atmosphere was electric and even Willie Collum had a decent game. When leaving the stadium we are asked to walk up a very steep slope and down another slope further on when it was clear there were other routes. Keith said “non” and other wheelchair users gathered round while he pressed the point. Pressure told and a locked gate was opened to allow us all out a quicker and flatter route. Next problem was getting a taxi back to the hotel. There was a huge queue however a taxi driver suggested we just go to the front and the steward organising the queue said “oui”. We were in the next one but Keith did the honourable thing and shouted “deux personnes avec moi pour le centre” and a man and his son (St Etienne supporters) understanding Keith’s fluent French jumped in.

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