Our Mission


In UEFA announced that its Monaco Charity Award for 2009 would be dedicated to the creation of a new organisation to establish equal access for disabled supporters across Europe. CAFE – Centre for Access to Football in Europe was created to ensure disabled fans across UEFA’s member associations can enjoy a football match as a problem-free experience. CAFE’s aim is inclusivity and equality of experience and because football embraces diversity in all its forms, CAFE will also work with the football family to raise disability awareness more widely throughout Europe.

 The aims of SDSA and our mission are a mirror image of those of CAFE

  • To enable disabled people to follow football in Scotland

  • To achieve equal access for all football supporters in Scotland

  • To increase disability awareness and improve the lives of disabled people using the special influence of football within Scotland

  • To establish a Scottish network of disabled football supporters 

Included in our mission is the recruitment of new members. The SDSA is keen to find out the following information.

  • Clubs who have regular disabled supporters whom the SDSA have not been in contact with
  • Contacts at football clubs who are responsible for disabled access to enable the SDSA to communicate with them 
  • Individual disabled supporters who would be interested in supporting the SDSA

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