Dunfermline Athletic were one of the original 5 to have a DSA when we started to try and increase the number. When the club had major financial issues the DSA faltered and the very active chairman, Peter Lockhart, at the same time became a local councillor taking up all his spare time and much much more. However there has been some major activity in getting the group going again and recently we met with David Nugent who gave us an update on developments.

Highlights include refurbishment of an accessible toilet, see before and after pictures below.

Picture1 Picture2

A new wheelchair viewing area installed with a later addition of shelving for refreshments!


Picture3 Picture6

Improved step painting and wind shields at the side of the wheelchair areas in the stands behind each goal.

Picture4 Picture5

All going well someone from the Pars DSA will be along to the next SDSA meeting.