Things Getting Fixed At Livingston F.C.

Good to see Livingston F.C. as a ¬†club sitting down with their trust organisation, their disabled supporters and the S.D.S.A to talk about expansion and improvements to the existing wheelchair user areas in time for the start of their League One campaign.It’s always a challenge when a stadium was built before the current regulations and good practices came into being. However as a team they’ll get it fixed.

This discussion also clarified the organisational set up with regard to supporters in general and their Trust organisation clearly painting the picture that now the right way forward was to launch a DSA which will be called the Livingston Disabled Supporters Club. Marcus Kane has taken on the role of Chairperson with Alex Williams becoming vice-chairman. Both guys have represented their club’s interests for some time and it’s great to see things formalised as of 26th May 2016. There was a good attendance at the meeting and the next step is to gather up potential member data at the same time looking to fill the secretary & treasurer posts.